A Home at Last


For seven years, Tiffany and David were living in a tent with their two dogs. In the fall of 2018, they started working with Independent Living Specialist, Vicki Mirowski, in the Disabled Resource Services (DRS) Loveland office with the hopes of finding a home.


At that time, they were in need of legal identification (ID cards, birth certificates and Social Security cards) in order to pursue housing opportunities. With the support and financial assistance of DRS Loveland, they completed their first goal of obtaining their legal documents shortly thereafter.


Next, Tiffany, David and Vicki worked together to make it a priority to strive towards their next goal of needing housing.


Beyond furnishing Vicki the necessary information to be added to the DRS housing voucher list, Tiffany and David provided the IDs they had obtained. These are all requirements from the housing authority. The housing authority completes background checks once DRS Loveland submits a letter that we have offered an available housing voucher to our consumers.


Eventually their hard work and patience paid off, as Tiffany and David received their housing voucher in May of 2022. They were approved by Loveland Housing Authority in June 2022 to begin their search for housing after being homeless for seven years. “We are so happy for them,” says Vicki. “We look forward to sharing their upcoming journey as they transition into becoming new, responsible tenants.”

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