About DRS

Disabled Resource Services (DRS) is a Colorado non-profit agency serving Larimer and Jackson counties.  We focus on helping people gain, regain or maintain their independence.  We advocate for change through calls to action for more accessible and integrated communities and we develop partnerships to accomplish more for the greater good of people with disabilities. (These partnerships are with other direct service providers, disability advocates and members of community-based committees and coalitions.)

With more than 50% of staff having disabilities themselves, they are positive role models and provide peer support and mentoring. They share a bond that reflects the very nature of what it means to live with a disability, work with a disability or grow up with a disability.

DRS is a certified Center for Independent Living. It is one of nine non-profit agencies in Colorado that meet the unique and often complex needs of people facing heartbreaking situations because of having disabilities and living in poverty. Our staff of 13 help them acquire renewed hope, assist with developing a plan to succeed, get needs met and assure they increase their independence, which are the benchmarks for having an improved quality of life.

While DRS helps over 6,000 people annually with 10,000+ separate requests for assistance, there are approximately 8,000-10,000 people with disabilities in Larimer and Jackson counties who are on the brink of homelessness with multiple unmet needs.  They can all potentially benefit from our assistance (examples include providing information and referral resources, issuing needed medical equipment and delivering intensive case management services).

Our most recent annual Client Survey reported 90% of people receiving our services had more independence, thus proving under the most daunting circumstances, independence is possible when people get the help they need.

The life-giving force that sustains DRS is the financial support it receives. We do not charge for our services (except our low cost medical equipment loan program).  DRS is funded through Governmental entities such as the State of Colorado, the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland, corporations and private foundations, local churches, service clubs, and many generous individual donors.