Staff Members

Fort Collins Staff

  • Nancy Jackson

    Nancy Jackson

    Executive Director

  • Marj Grell

    Marj Grell

    Office Manager/Accountant

  • Alison Dawson

    Alison Dawson

    Director of Programs

    Alison has a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in social work and psychology from The Evergreen State College.  She has worked with Disabled Resource Services for over 10 years and has a passion for working with Independent Living centers and people with disabilities.  Her personal experiences with disability give her a dynamic understanding of disability and the barriers that people with disabilities encounter. One of her passions is working on health care advocacy and ensuring that everyone has equal access to quality healthcare. Alison is Director of Programs where she supervises, trains and hires all direct line staff members, oversees direct line programs, and many other tasks to ensure that DRS provides quality, relevant services to consumers with disabilities.

  • David Swinehart

    David Swinehart

    Director of Development

  • Katie Harper

    Katie Harper

    Lead Independent Living Specialist

  • Emily Roberts

    Emily Roberts

    CCT and Housing Program Co-Coordinator

    Emily has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from CSU.  She lectures at Front Range Community College on autism spectrum disorders, and has longstanding experience working with a variety of disabilities.  She also has personal experiences as a member of the disability community.  Emily co-coordinates the Colorado Choice Transitions (CCT) program, helping people living in nursing homes regain autonomy through independent living.  She also co-manages the housing voucher program, keeping track of the annual recertifications and housing inspections that are required of program participants.

  • Jennifer Scriver

    Jennifer Scriver

    CCT and Housing Program Co-Coordinator

  • Jessica Dugan

    Jessica Dugan

    Youth Transitions Program Coordinator

    Jessica has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in social work from Colorado State University. She has a passion for serving people with disabilities of all ages but has recently focused on youth. In addition to her work at DRS, Jessica works part time at Foothills Gateway in the Child Extensive Services/ Adult Care Services program providing respite for family members/ guardians.  Jessica coordinates the youth transitions program which targets youth ages 14-26 as they transition from high school to adult life.  As coordinator for the youth transitions program, she helps youth develop independent living skills, self-advocacy skills, job readiness skills and other relevant skills which will help ensure their independence as people with disabilities in the community.

  • Jenny Miller

    Jenny Miller

    Specialist for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Terry Ellis

    Terry Ellis

    Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator

Loveland Staff

  • Denise Meyer

    Denise Meyer

    Lead Independent Living Specialist

    Denise has a Master’s of Science degree in Psychology and a Master’s of Science degree in Administration of Justice and Security. Denise is the Lead Independent Living Specialist in our Loveland Office.  She has been working with people with disabilities for most of her career. She works with individuals with all types of disabilities who want to live more independently. Denise often works with individuals who wish to apply for SSI/SSDI, Food Stamps, and Aid to Needy and Disabled and more. In addition to working on benefits application, she advocates for people with disabilities for many reasons such as, but not limited to, landlord or employment disputes and service/companion animal related issues. She also runs the Loveland loan closet, provides information and referral  and conducts community outreach in the community.

Off-Site Staff

  • Karen Norton

    Karen Norton

    “Vision Matters After 55” Program Coordinator



  • Terran Watson

    Terran Watson

    “Vision Matters After 55” Program Community Outreach & Program Advocate