Who We Serve/Eligibility

Unless otherwise specified, all of DRS’s services are available to any individual with any disability and any age—whether it be physical, visual, auditory, cognitive or mental/emotional. DRS does not require proof of diagnosis or medical records in order to render services. However, other agencies (such as Medicaid or Social Security) may require such documentation.

For those seeking Transition Services, you must be eligible for Long-Term Care through Medicaid and currently be living in a nursing home or DDS regional center.

For those seeking Section 8 Housing vouchers, you must meet the income eligibility requirements outlined by the program.

All of DRS’s services are provided free of charge, with the exception of our inexpensive “Loan Closet” durable medical equipment rental program.

If you are not sure whether or not you are eligible for one of our programs or services or would like more information about eligibility, please contact us.

Independent Living is living by your own rules and making your own choices about all aspects of your life – where you go, where you live, how you support yourself, how you receive health care, how you manage any help you might need to do these things.