Assisting Veterans

Eric proudly served his country in the Marines. His life plan did not include becoming disabled (PTSD and orthopedic issues), being homeless and unable to work, but that’s what happened.
It took watching some of his homeless friends die for Eric to decide to take charge of his life and work to get off the streets and onto a path to regain his sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

DRS assisted Eric in creating a plan that would allow him to get off the streets. It included assisting him with rent deposit money and with applying for a reliable source of income through Social Security Disability Insurance. It also included leading a coordinated effort with other non-profits to be sure he had the supports he needs to achieve sustainable independence.

With DRS providing guidance and encouragement, Eric has achieved a series of goals that has led to greater self-sufficiency and independence, including the ultimate goal of a place to call home.

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