DRS in Action – Disability Can Happen to Angels

Angel was referred to DRS by a friend in the spring of 2021. She was searching for assistance in getting her life together. At 22 years old, she had come to recognize that her learning disability, coupled with a dysfunctional childhood with her adoptive parents, was keeping her from pursuing her dreams.

Though lacking in self-confidence, she quickly showed Evan, her DRS independent living specialist, that she was intelligent, with good self-awareness, a positive attitude, and an understanding of the big picture. “It’s okay to be down on your luck when you are starting out.”

Together with Evan, she created her own independent living plan, a series of goals that would lead to increased independence.

Her goals:

  • “I would like to explore employment opportunities”. Evan assisted her in completing a resume that she used in applying for work at businesses of her choosing. She now is working two part-time jobs at local restaurants.
  • “I want to get my Colorado ID so I can have more freedom”. Evan, also a person with disabilities, served as her peer advocate, showing Angel the process of getting an appointment at the DMV. With that ID, Angel now can pursue getting her own apartment, a bank account, credit card, etc.
  • “I want to learn more about the resources in Cypress, TX, in case I decide to move back with my advocate.” Evan assisted Angel in learning how to find sources of information in Cypress and the surrounding areas.

In addition, with new-found confidence and self-advocacy skills, Angel now has an annual bus pass, which has greatly increased her independence. And she has also successfully applied to Medicaid for health insurance.

Evan reports that Angel’s confidence has increased tenfold since she created her independent living plan and started setting and achieving her goals.

“I love being able to come to DRS and talk to others who have a disability as well. I like being able to feel like a person,” said Angel after working with Evan. “I have the strength now to be the person I envision myself being without being held back by the things, and people in my life.”

As a result of Angel coming to DRS, she is becoming a self-assured, independent young woman.

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