DRS in Action – “Many Thanks”

From DRS Consumer Jim Mount in Estes Park

I am writing this article to express my gratitude to Disabled Resource Services (DRS) for all the help they have provided to me over the past four years. I have very poor eyesight – totally blind in my left eye and just 20/100 in my right. In addition, I have very poor hearing. The combination of these has seriously limited my ability to enjoy life.
But thanks to DRS, I am able to lead a reasonably normal life. Through their Vision Matters program, they have provided a great deal of information on how to deal with my limited vision and suggested a wide variety of products and tools to make my life easier. These include magnifiers, large print materials, large print digital clocks, a CCTV, and a large, high contrast computer keyboard. The CCTV allows me to read letters, newspapers, and do fine detailed work and the keyboard makes it possible to use my computer; I use both these multiple times every day.
In addition to helping with my vision loss, DRS has put me in contact with a number of organizations such as “I Can Connect” that provide information and products to help with hearing loss.
Best of all, DRS comes to me rather than me having to go to Fort Collins. I live in Estes Park and – of course – cannot drive. So they come up here once a month – more often if needed – to help me and many others in our community. What a great service!
In summary, I can only say “thank you” to DRS and encourage anyone with any disability to utilize the many services they provide. They will definitely make your life more meaningful.

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