DRS in Action – “They saved my life and marriage”

“They saved my life and marriage” is how Joe responded when asked how DRS had impacted his life. “If we would have stayed homeless I would not be where I’m at today. DRS has positively changed my life and marriage to a place I can grow from. I’m grateful to have met Denise (DRS Loveland program manager). Meeting Denise has been a huge benefit to my family and has helped in so many ways.”

“I’m Joe Silver Martinez II. I had two discs rupture in 2013 so I now have hardware in my back. I also suffer from PTSD. It became very hard to take care of my family – my wife Melissa, our daughter, Monique and our son Mataiez.”

“I met Denise at a homeless event in Loveland. With DRS’ help, we went from homeless living in our car to moving into an apartment a week later. But in 2019 we lost our 13 year old son to suicide, so life became even harder. With the help of DRS and Denise, I’m now starting to get my life back.”

Joe and his family have been able to move forward with their lives with Denise’s assistance. She supported Joe as he created his own unique plan for gaining back control of his life. As a result, Joe and his family are no longer homeless and he won’t have to miss his doctor appointments. He’s also successfully completed the Loveland Municipal Court’s Jumpstart program which has also assisted him in becoming more self-sufficient and a contributing member of society.

Joe has found a unique way to express appreciation. He is an artist and he’s donated beautiful works of art to DRS.

DRS can assist people like Joe because we do not charge for our services (except for our low-cost equipment rental program). We depend on gifts from the community, government grants, and equipment rental to keep our doors open. If you’d like to help people like Joe and his family, make a gift to DRS through our website or by mail.  Thank you!

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