Disabled Resource Services (DRS) began in 1978, an outgrowth of the Handicapped Needs Assessment Project conducted by the Larimer County Association of the Blind and Physically Handicapped. The project clearly showed a need existed for an agency that understood the unique struggles of people with disabilities around poverty and discrimination. From the beginning, DRS has addressed those issues by assisting people in accessing community resources, providing specific services and giving on-going peer support to navigate overwhelming challenges, pressing needs and complex social systems. In 1984 DRS became an independent agency and adopted its current name. It attained 501(c)(3) status in 1985 and became a Center for Independent living in 1988.

DRS continues to evolve, adapting to changes in society and law, but our focus remains on assisting people with disabilities, regardless of type. Assistance takes many forms, but focusing on people with disabilities, providing peer support, developing self-advocacy skills and ensuring consumer-control are a combination not found in other human services programs in our area.

Mission Statement:  Disabled Resource Services empowers individuals with all types of disabilities and all ages to achieve their maximum level of independence at home and in the community through setting and achieving goals, enhancing self-esteem, accessing resources, self-advocacy, peer support and education.
(Revised July 26, 2017)