Home Sweet Home

Mary was in an apartment that was unsafe for her and her disabilities.

In February 2021, Mary contacted DRS with hopes of getting a Section 8 Housing Voucher.

She worked with Denise, an Independent Living Specialist (ILS), in the Loveland office. Mary met with Denise to outline the tasks needed to achieve the goal of receiving a Section 8 Housing Voucher.

Some of the steps that took place as DRS lead her through getting a Section 8 Housing Voucher included:

  • Giving instructions on how to get a voucher
  • Filling out applications
  • Going down to housing and applying

With the help of DRS and the effort that Mary put forth on her own behalf, she was able to get her housing voucher in five months. This happened because of the effort she made and because she was very diligent and followed instructions.

She has now moved into her beautiful new apartment.

“The knowledge and help I received from Disabled Resource Services has made all the difference in my life,” says Mary. “Thank you for being there to aid all of us with disabilities.”

Anything is possible!

DRS can assist people like Mary because we do not charge for our services (except for our low-cost equipment rental program). We depend on gifts from the community, government grants, and equipment rental to keep our doors open. If you’d like to help people like Mary, make a gift to DRS through our website or by mail.  Thank you!

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