Kat’s Story

“…Then it got even worse. Kat was in a car accident that totaled her car.”

Kat was at a low point…she had endured her (former) boyfriend’s mental abuse, the breakup, and the eviction from his house. She saw how the situation was having a negative impact on her son, who has ADHD. She was one day away from being homeless when she found a rundown one-bedroom apartment. It was all she could afford for herself and her two minor children.

“Every day was a struggle to survive. With no family to help, I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

 Then it got even worse. Kat was in a car accident that totaled her car. No one was hurt, but she couldn’t pay the fine.  As it turned out, that car accident had a silver lining…it helped turn her life around.  She was sentenced to the Loveland Jumpstart Project, Municipal Court Judge Geri Joneson’s alternative sentencing program. The project is designed to help low income/homeless people access local services rather than go to jail. Through the project she met Denise, DRS’ lead independent living specialist in our Loveland office.

Denise assisted Kat in identifying goals for a better life.  She came to realize that a more stable life for her children was her highest priority and that meant better housing and getting an education so she could be a better provider.

Denise got to work. She arranged for Kat to receive a Loveland Housing Choice Voucher and when a place to live became available, was able to provide the security deposit that made all the difference in her ability to afford the apartment.  Denise also provide some vouchers from arc Thrift Stores to buy essentials. She also provided funds for diapers for the baby. And she was there to provide moral support as well. “Denise’s support was amazing. She was always there, listening, giving me encouragement, keeping me grounded.”

Kat graduated from the Jumpstart Project in December. She enrolled in cosmetology college and is on track to graduate in December 2020.  “I am so grateful to Denise and DRS. My son (with ADHD) is doing so much better. And my relationship with my other (teenage) son has improved. He’s seen me at my worst and now he’s seeing how strong his mom can be…and that he can be strong, too.”

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