• Personalized support with peer mentoring in a problem-solving partnership that leads people of any age and with any disabilities to a future free from barriers and discrimination. (More than half of the staff have disabilities themselves.)
  • Information and referral expertise to help consumers locate relevant assistance from other agencies – on their own or through collaboration with DRS staff.
  • Individual and systems advocacy that clears the way for consumers to take charge of their lives and their futures.
  • Independent living skills training that includes home accessibility planning, safety assessments and assistive technology for people who are physically disabled, have no or low vision or are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Youth and nursing home transitions that help youth, ages 14 – 26, transition to adulthood and those in nursing homes transition to independent living.
  • Social Security application assistance that helps consumers navigate the Social Security system and acquire a stable source of income via SSDI and SSI benefits.
  • Help for people wanting to secure subsidized housing with the stability, safety and security that having a place to call home provides.
  • Limited short term financial support to address one-time emergencies or housing opportunities.
  • Low cost “Loan Closet” medical equipment rental program for people with temporary disabilities.
  • Volunteer assistance to help maintain independence

Bold = Core services mandated by the Federal Government