Equipment Rental Closet

Low-Cost Medical Equipment Rental
Here’s a great, low-cost alternative to buying medical equipment. Rent the equipment you need from DRS! Perfect for those who only need equipment temporarily (typically one year or less). The following is a list of the most commonly rented items. If you need item(s) not listed, call to see if we have what you need in inventory.

Equipment: All equipment can be renewed for the original cost and timeframe allocated for that piece of equipment.

*Knee Scooters
(Exception: Rental Period 90 Days Only)
*Transfer Poles
(Exception: Rental Period 6 months Only)
Wheelchairs, Companion Chairs, Hospital Trays $40
4 Wheeled Seated Walkers, Bed Canes
2 Wheeled Walkers, Bath Chairs, Bath Benches, Tub Transfer Benches, Commodes, Raised Toilet Seats, Bathroom Bars, Toilet Safety Frames, Canes, Quad Canes $30
Reachers, Long Shoehorns, Sock Aides, Slide Boards, Dressing Sticks$15
Gait Belts, Wheel Chair Baskets$5
* Full rental price for 1st item.
* Each Additional item is half price.
* Equipment Available in both Ft. Collins & Loveland Offices


We do not rent hospital beds, Hoyer lifts or ramps.

You pay the full rental price for the first piece of equipment.  For each additional piece rented, the charge is half price.  The rental is for 12 months except for the Rollabouts and Knee Scooters, which are rented for three (3) months.

For those needing financial assistance, we do offer free rentals.

The equipment is available in our Fort Collins and Loveland offices. The rental closet is open from 8:30am-11:30am and 1:00pm-4:00pm each day. If you have any questions about the rental closet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fort Collins office – 970-482-2700 |

Loveland office – 970-667-0816 |

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