Safety Procedures

  • Our offices are open to consumers by appointment only (you may have one person accompany you for accommodation ONLY). This includes acquiring bus passes.
  • When you are making your appointment with your Independent Living Specialist (ILS), you will be asked the following question to determine if you are healthy/safe to enter the building:
    • Do you have any of the symptoms related to illness: fever, cough, etc. or been within six (6) feet of someone who has?
  • As the ILS greets the you in the lobby, you will be asked the same question. If the answer is yes, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.
  • Only one consumer at a time is allowed to enter/exit the building. This includes community members renting/returned loan equipment. The ILS or Loan Program coordinator will greet you in the lobby and escort you in/out.
  • Our staff will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer if they think it is warranted.
  • The staff person with whom the appointment is taking place will meet their guest in the lobby and escort him/her out of the building at the end of the meeting. Staff are responsible to ensure entering and exiting guests can do so according to guidelines.
  • All guests and staff must wear masks when meeting.
    • THE EXCEPTION: Those with disabilities that preclude them from wearing a mask will not be required to wear a mask.
  • Consumers and guests will be asked to use hand sanitizer as they enter the building and when they leave the building.
  • Consumers must supply their own water/drinks.


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