Sharon’s Story

“Wow! I can see you! I can see your face!” Sharon, a DRS Vision Matters consumer who is legally blind, had just tried on her eSight electronic glasses for the legally blind for the first time. As a person with Macular Degeneration, she was overwhelmed with excitement about what she could see around her. Immediately, she talked about all of the things she anticipated doing again, like quilting, watching TV, and reading.

eSight glasses enable people with central vision loss to see more clearly so they can lead a more active and independent life.  eSight is worn like a normal pair of glasses and houses a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything at which the wearer is looking.

“Sharon has been quite upbeat and positive from the first time I spoke with her,” said Liz Pierce, coordinator of the Vision Matters program.  “Each time I call and ask how she is doing, “Absolutely fantastic!” is her response. When asked what the secret to her remaining so positive and upbeat was, she replied, “It’s mind over matter.  I was very devastated when I could not do hairdressing anymore because I couldn’t see. I went into a dark hole. Then, I thought that I could either live in this dark hole forever, or make up my mind that this (my low vision) is the way it is and find out how to do the things that I love.”

DRS’ Vision Matters program is a great resource for people who are blind or low-vision. Learn more at

For more information about eSight, call eSight directly at (855) 837-4448.  Disabled Resource Services is not affiliated with eSight.  This article is solely a testimonial from a Vision Matters consumer who has benefited from the use of eSight.

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