Why I give … Barbara Hoehn

Barbara Hoehn is no stranger to disability. Her husband Joel was paralyzed after a car accident in his 30s, and Barbara managed his care for the next 36 years. Her grandmother became partially paralyzed when her car was hit by a train, and her daughter was born with a disability.

“Disability has been a part of my life,” says Barbara, whose own disabilities resulted from a separate car accident in her 20s. “In some ways it’s more difficult when the disability is not obvious. Whatever the circumstances, I just want to figure out how to make things better.”

Barbara knows that disability is one club we can all join, and also knows the daily challenges she and her loved ones have faced. That’s why she choses to support Disabled Resource Services (DRS). Barbara joined the DRS Board of Directors in 2017, wanting to know more about the organization. Since then she has been one of our biggest fans, sharing our story with the community and giving generously in support of our programs and services.

“We were fortunate in so many ways,” says Barbara. “DRS’s work aligns with my purpose of advocating for the disabled community, and I thank DRS for this opportunity.” If you’d like to join Barbara in supporting DRS consumers, consider joining our monthly giving club (see back page of this newsletter for details).

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