Why We give … Lois & Arn Hart on Planned Giving

Lois and Arn Hart are not only generous philanthropists, but also savvy investors. Having helped establish a community foundation in Montana, the Harts know that planned gifts make up a significant portion of total giving – a whopping $35.7 billion in 2017, according to GivingUSA.

Planned gifts are both a way to give and a sound investment say the Harts. “The new laws for IRA distributions allowed us to give more money to the nonprofits we care about and pay less tax, so we have more to give to both family and charity,” said Arn. “It’s a win-win for everybody,” agreed Lois.

So why include DRS in their estate plans? “It’s very satisfying to know that Disabled Resource Services will benefit. It’s a vote of confidence in DRS’s Executive Director, staff and Board of Directors,” Arn explained. “As we get older, we have come to realize what many of the people who work with DRS are dealing with long term,” said Lois. “We want to do our part to make sure they have access to vital resources.”

Have you included DRS in your estate plans, or have any questions about planned giving? If so, let us know by contacting Dave Swinehart at (970) 482-2700 or email: dave.s@disabledresourceservices.org.

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